Abstractist is a resident of Cottonwood, Arizona

Mother of three-and-a-half-year-old Miranda

Visual artist with any spare time she can acquire

Philosopher by training

Cook by avocation

Hiker by habit

Photographer by necessity

Sometime community theater actor



The photo in the header is one I took. Except that here, I like to think it is me, taking a photo. It is my daughter’s father on a dock on Lake MacDonald, in Glacier National Park. I love this lake. It is beautiful, rain or shine. It is the first lake I felt comfortable swimming in. Not that it wasn’t freezing. And not that I went swimming in it the day this photo was taken! Swimming was July, 2007. This photo was June, 2008. We got rained out on this trip. But a few moments of sunshine–partial, anyway–made the trip photo-worthy.