This is powerful. I felt it should go viral.

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Ever since Rolling Stimagesone magazine botched their article about rape on college campus, distractors and rape minimizers have plenty of fuel to point out that false rape accusations happen and happen frequently. Therefore, in their minds, we need to protect all those potentially innocent men out there from being falsely accused by vindictive women.

Yes, false allegations do happen, but it’s estimated to be only about 7 percent of the total reported rapes in United States. Let’s put that into perspective:

Only 32 percent all rapes are ever reported and that 98 percent of all rapists get away with it. In an related story, Bill Cosby wants to us to believe he is victim of a rash of false allegations against him.

I am going to leave it actor and writer Kurt Kalbfleisch to enlighten us by crunching some numbers in piece he wrote for 2015 Inner Mission production of…

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