Last year,  I introduced the concept of  “April Fools” to Miranda.  Now, she has a great sense of humor, if not terribly sophisticated.  But trying to explain the difference between joking and lying is tricky.

Realizing we were in dicey territory here, I quickly determined that an April Fools’ Day joke must not be unkind.  Jokes about not liking someone are just too cruel.

I gave up trying to explain what is funny; it’s just too relative.  I tried to offer examples but as I listened to them spin out of control in a five-year-old brain, I determined that her non-sequiters were really more funny than anything I was likely to come up with.

At five-years-old, her sense of time is still developing so when I suggested that she tell her teacher that she was leaving kindergarten to attend college next week, it came out, “I went to college last week!”  I thought it was hilarious.  Not sure if Miss Karen will recognize the April Fools Day joke within.

There was a time when I worked really hard at developing April Fools’ Day jokes–once I created an entire company newsletter as a spoof–but, given the demands of mothering, it’s more fun to enjoy those created by my daughter.  I guess that makes me her biggest April Fool!