My life has been filling up with pets and angels. In many ways, that’s a good thing. Mostly.

Miranda had a lizard jump onto her arm while she sat on the couch reading with her dad at his house. Apparently, it didn’t want to leave. She brought it home to me and I found myself wrangling crickets ($1.75 for +/-30 at the local pet store. Who knew?), moistening a tiny bit of sponge in a bottle lid twice daily and carefully adding and removing scraps of lettuce and apple cores every day. I had no idea a lizard would be so labor-intensive. That was October.

In November, Miranda’s dad said he’d get her a Betta for her birthday. I

He's the little guy inside the big fish.

agreed that if she wanted to keep it here, it could live here IF she helped care for it. She feeds it most days so she is upholding her part of the bargain. But it is the changing of the water that is a bit burdensome. Not that I want her to do that…

In December, a kitten appeared at the edge of my consciousness–which is a vague way of saying that a sign on the bulletin board at the local healthfood store caught my eye–. Since Miranda and I lost our wonderful cat and in-house comedian, Chiquita, last spring, I had been pestered about a new cat for several months. It seemed like a good time. Now, for years I’ve said I wouldn’t get a kitten, only rescued cats. But this one needed a bit of rescuing. We met her and fell in love. She seemed like a good match for my high-energy girl.

Sable enjoys the afternoon sun

The kitten meant the lizard needed to move back to M’s dad so that reduced my pet quotient back down to manageable. Oddly,   I miss the lizard, ever-so-slightly.  Although I don’t miss the crickets.  Caring for such a tiny animal caused me to feel deep compassion and a strange power; this animal relied on me to survive.  No one has needed me that much since my daughter was an infant.

As I type, the Betta, named Rainbeau (my spelling) by Miranda, hangs in his tank and waves at me.  He comes to the kitchen side when I’m cooking.  He never complains and always looks lovely.  The kitten, named Sable for her fur, sits by my monitor and purrs loudly without provocation.  It is a bit like being surrounded by angels.

My take on Raphael's angels

I finally finished a project I’ve been envisioning for about 3 years…maybe the pets inspired me.