I decided that today (September 20) would be a good day to shop for a Halloween costume: greater selection than when I wait till October 20; costumes still in relative order at Wal-Mart; possibly more which would appeal to my girl at the lower price.  I discussed this shopping trip with her and we agreed.  Then, over the course of the day it dawned on me; more choices might not be a good thing.

I stopped at the local children’s consignment shop to drop off some things and noticed she had her costumes out already.  I perused and found a few possible witch costumes which might work…for less than Wally World.  New plan:  stop there first.

I picked Miranda up from school and discussed the new strategy.  Thrift store, consignment store, then Wal-Mart, if necessary.  She agreed.  We launched.  I explained “power shopping” on our way to the first stop.  She vaguely grasped the concept of focusing on the goal items and getting out as quickly as possible.

First stop, I find size 1 Lands’ End maryjanes in new condition (which will fit in about 2-3 years) for $1.  Gotta have ’em.  Search for costumes comes up empty but casual perusal of neck ties nets 6 which would work for a project I’ve been contemplating…so much for power shopping.

Next store is the consignment shop where I know there are costumes.  She power shops the rack like a pro and finds…a bunny costume!  Complete with little paw flaps over the hands and very stiff  ears on the hood.  She tries it on and I cannot believe how cute it is.  Store owner loves it.  Fellow shopper loves it.  Yyyyes!  I get another year of cute at Halloween. (As opposed to scary and possibly a little too grown up)

She reconsiders.  She informs me that she really wants to be a witch.  I am ready to cry.  I even offer to get the bunny costume for Halloween and she can spend her $3 and I’ll make up the difference and she can have the witch costume for dress-up.  No go.  I remember that it’s her costume and she is who has to wear it…I relent.  Witch it is.

She asks if there is a hat.  Owner has one.  It’s perfect.  She asks for a broom.  Wrong store.  I picture a twig-style, short broom with a handle light enough to not cause injury during the inevitable frenzy that trick-or-treating is.  I suggest we stop at one more thrift store.

We enter a crowded room filled with mostly out-of-date women’s clothing.  I ask for Halloween costumes and am pointed to a rack with a few weak offerings.  She asks the women if they have a witch’s broom.  Without hesitation the woman says, “Yes,” and points behind a rack…she hesitates…she rushes forward.

The perfect broom.  Perfect.  I’m not kidding.  Short, bamboo handle with the natural twig broom.  Miranda asks if it can be painted black.  I’m on a roll, “Of course.”  She asks if it can have swirls on the handle.  “No problem.”  In glitter paint?  “Oh yeah!”  To top it off, I offer some glow-in-the-dark swirls too.  I am the ultimate mom in that moment.  I only hope it will continue to be this easy.

The hat and broom which made me a hero for the day.