English is a really hard language.  I tried teaching it to English-as-a-second-language learners and this was really brought home.  Now, I am listening to kindergartners read for two hours a week.  They are doing great with hard material!  Ever tried to sound out “was?”  How about “you?” And forget about “folk” and “palm.”  Luckily, they won’t get that till first grade.

So, I see this ad for a Cervical Pillow.  I am a woman.  I think of my cervix.  I wonder…  Then I realize that a part of my spine is a cervix.  Oh.

I looked it up (thanks, dictionary.com).  “Cervix” is “neck” in Latin.  Some of us have “the neck of the uterus.”  I feel alot better now.  Except about English.