(The cake was a big hit with gluten-free and gluten eaters!)

Since we were going to a party today, Miranda wanted to wear what I call a “party dress.” –This is different from a “dress-up dress” which is play clothing which is not normally worn out of the house.  “Costumes” one might say if one were a native English speaker.–  Party dresses live on the upper bar of the closet so they cannot be accessed too readily by fashion-conscious five-year-olds. Since this party was a one-year-old’s birthday, I couldn’t see the point of wearing a fancy dress.  She couldn’t see the point of not wearing a fancy dress.

M pointed to several dresses on the upper bar in an attempt to wear me down. I, being an Aries mom, did not yield.  “Fine.  Then I’ll go naked.”  Not what I was expecting.  She’s getting remarkably savvy for one so young.  But hey, she’s five, what harm is there?

“O.K.”  I said. Pause.

“Alright.  I’ll wear clothes.”  I wonder if this technique will still work when she’s sixteen?

She ended up crawling on the floor with the babies and chasing a five-year-old boy around the house.  I feel vindicated in my clothing dictatorship.