The wonderful evening described in the previous post ended on a somewhat sad note.  I didn’t want to spoil the glow by finishing the story there.

Without intending to, Miranda snuck up on a man in the gallery and he turned quickly, knocking her to the ground.  She hit her head quite hard. At least three people tried to attend to her so her father and I had difficulty getting to her.  One man, a local doctor, picked her up and lifted her hair to check her head where she hit.  She was crying hard.  After a few seconds that seemed like minutes, I was able to get to her and hold her and kiss her to quiet her some.  Her dad then picked her up and took her outside.

I went to check on them after a few minutes and Miranda was fixated on the fact that the man had knocked her down.  We kept assuring her that it was an accident.  Finally, she agreed that it was an accident, “Because a big person would never hurt a little child on purpose.”

I do hope she is able to believe that for a long time.

The upside of the accident was that she was quite taken with the doctor.  On the way home she was upset by the idea that she, “wouldn’t see the very kind gentleman again.”  She also called him “the handsome gentleman.”  I guess we are all quite taken when Prince Charming comes riding in.