If I am to write here everyday, it has to become a habit.  Some habits are hard to get.  Most, the ones we don’t want usually, are insidious; we don’t notice we have them until it’s too late.  Regular practice forms a habit so here am I, habit-forming.

I recently had some success breaking a habit of my five-year-old’s; putting her fingers in her nose and mouth.  How!? You may ask.  I found a motivating factor strong enough to make her become conscious of her doing it and didn’t let her have the motivator until she’d gone one month without doing it.  (O.K., so maybe she goes in her room and does it.  But I don’t have to look at it.)

She really wanted her ears pierced.  She’s been asking about it on and off for over a year.  One day she asked about ear piercing and I’d admonished her to stop the offending habit repeatedly.  It suddenly occurred to me, “What if I make it a consequence of the behavior I want to encourage?”

We had a few start-overs; the first was day two.  But each time she went longer before slipping. Occasionally, I reminded her how close she was getting to a her goal. More often, she asked me.  Her memory is almost always better than mine.  So, we got to day 31.  The habit seems well broken.  She’s had bad allergies for a few weeks and very little finger usage to remedy the tickle.

If I can just be so successful with my writing here!