(Today was the first Monday of winter break.)

When I worked at Javadog, next door to the Old Town European Cafe, we used to get Miranda a croissant in the afternoon if there were no behavioral issues.  Gluten intolerance recently ruled that out.  Now, she loves the cafe and the women who work there love her so I suggested eggs as a food she could still enjoy there.  So this morning when I asked if she wanted to come to Tico to work with me, she asked if she could have a lunch of eggs at the cafe.  We agreed.

Around 11 a.m., she asked if she could go have lunch.  Before, when we were next door, I could just send her with a few dollars and Joy, Jessica and Rosie would set her up with the croissant and send her back when she finished.  Tico is across the street so that added a level of complication. I walked her across the street and we found three friends enjoying coffee.  I asked if Miranda could join them and then one of them walk her across the street when she was done.  They welcomed her company and I went back to Tico.

From the counter of the store, I could see her sitting in a chair by the window.  She was wearing her Santa hat and engaged in a very animated conversation.  She was clearly enjoying herself immensely.  I had to take a photo through the window, it was so cute.

After a bit, Mike, one of the friends she ate with, walked her back over to the store.  Mike wanted to look around as he has a daughter and a girlfriend to shop for for Christmas.  Miranda took him by the hand and was showing him around.  She came to the table of winter hats and suggested he try one on.  Mike demurred and I advised that it was too small.  She offered another. Same thing.  She found one that looked like it would fit, and being quite game, Mike tried it on.  It was pink fleece and quite comical.  She offered another, a blue and white kitted hat with a small pom-pom.  Now, “pom-pom” is probably not the first thing you think of for a hat for a sixty-year-old man.  But, Mike is a good sport and tried it on.  I thought it looked surprisingly good.  He did too. He stepped closer to the mirror and decided that it did indeed look good. “You know what Miranda? I’m going to get this!” He declared.

It was my only clothing sale of the day.

Around 2:30, Miranda disappeared into the dressing room and closed the door.  I was with a customer for a while.  When I went to check on her, she was sound asleep on the floor tightly clenching a stuffed reindeer Christmas decoration.

That’s good day.

Miranda enjoys lunch with friends