Oil painting of Cathy and Miranda by Carolyn Ensley

Oil painting of Cathy and Miranda by local artist and friend Carolyn Ensley

It feels a bit like cheating to post my annual review in a blog but isn’t that the latest?  Maybe I’ll even get it done before New Year’s!  Don’t count on it.  I so enjoy reading everyone’s news at the end of each year; if I had a wish to grant us all it would be more time to write to each other and keep up.  I believe in Santa Clause too.

Miranda Rose:  See How She Grows!

Miranda has spent the year doing what 3-year-olds do best; growing, asking questions and exploring her world.  I know I’m biased, but she’s delightful most of the time.  A few months ago she declared one morning,  “I like life because it’s full of good things to eat!”  And recently, without provocation she announced, “I like life because it is insterfing (sic) and happy!”  What more could you ask of a (now) 4-year-old?  Except maybe curly blond hair (check) and an infectious laugh (check).  My goal as a parent is to help her keep that joie de vive–and send her to an Ivy League.–(Just kidding about the Ivy League, mostly)     Here’ s a photo of M on her fourth birthday, looking every inch the Victorian angel.

Victorian angel

Victorian angel

At a recent gallery opening, our good friend Dave Rentz was playing music with two buddies; lots of instruments, mostly improvisation.  At one point, Miranda grabbed a hand drum and climbed up on a chair and joined in.  I’ve posted a short video of the performance on my Facebook page but for WordPress a still photo will have to suffice.

Miranda sits in with the band

Miranda sits in with the band


Brent has been out shooting alot this year and the website is fairly current.  The business continues to grow though the weak economy has had some effect in the last quarter.

Brent and Miranda

You can see the new and the old at http:/www.ransomjonesphoto.com.  He hasn’t

yet added anything from our Montana trips but I hope some of that goes on soon.  He got a new computer and monitor for birthday/Christmas/ anniversary which he says is so fast he’s inspired to work on some new stuff…check back now and then to see what he’s up to!

Art and Life

Last year we attended a party at Bonnie and Wally’s and rang in the New Year with many friends, old and new.  It was a great party and Bonnie asked us to prepare by thinking about what we were grateful for and what we intended to DO in the coming year.  No resolutions, as no one ever keeps those.  I was grateful for Brent and Miranda (still am) and wanted to DO more abstracts.  That part, I accomplished, at least in part.  A few are attached here for fun.

Memory of water 6

Memory of water 6

Memory of Water 3

Memory of Water 3

Shameless Self Promotion

At this point, what I am most looking forward to in 2009 (aside from the new President and Peace on Earth) is the Verde Valley Theatre’s production of Steel Magnolias.  I will appear as Annelle.  We open April 24 and run for three weekends.  So, if you happen to be in Arizona, come see it!

Life, the universe and…

Recently I was attempting to explain to a dear friend why she shouldn’t give Miranda a Pooh bear.  I waxed philosophical, as I tend, and came up with a list of what is important to me.  It goes something like this:  Relationships should be at the center of life; then maybe service; followed by learning both formal and spontaneous; art and nature; then probably food; possibly wine (which always enhances relationships).  Way down the list of things which are important is “stuff.”  The list is a work in progress and I notice it doesn’t yet include anything like “integrity” but clearly that goes somewhere before “stuff” too.  So that’s my philosophical maundering for this year’s letter.  By the way, Miranda got the Pooh bear; my friend says her personal rule is never to break a promise to a child.  Mmmm, that’s gotta be on the list somewhere too…

Bed and Breakfast Open

Do plan to come visit in 2009; whether you are reading this in the Verde Valley or across the globe.  Sedona is incredibly beautiful and we are great hiking guides ‘tailoring your hike to your level of fitness’…or something.  We’ll hike at Miranda’s pace anyway. I will try to post more photos so you are tempted to wander in this direction.  Meantime, be well, eat well and love.  I hold you in my heart. c.  😉